Risky Do-It-Yourself Documents Part 2: LLC agreement

You can fill out forms to incorporate as an Illinois LLC in about 15 minutes; I literally just finished one 15 minutes ago. The Secretary of State charges $500 in fees, and there are some special requirements for a law office, but otherwise, that’s about it. In conclusion, you may not need a lawyer to fill out the government form for an LLC in Illinois. Now, I can hear you on the other end of my screen, laughing and saying: If that’s true, Colin, then what do I need your services for? Continue reading


Risky Do-It-Yourself Documents, Part 1: Wills

LegalZoom, RocketLawyer, and Nolo are all common suppliers of Do-It-Yourself legal services these days. All of these (and many more) offer a document production system that makes writing a will, a landlord-tenant agreement, an employment contract, or other documents as easy as a small software fee. But as many a lawyer will advise his clients that might be thinking about these services, he’ll still be there to clean up the mess when it eventually appears. Continue reading