Statutes of Limitation in Illinois

Headgear and boxing gloves are mandatory in Ol...

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“Saved by the bell” is a phrase that originally described a boxing match, where one of the pugilists escaped a knockout because the clock ran out, ending the round and/or the match.

The same type of situation occurs in lawsuits; the phrase S.O.L. appropriately abbreviates the term “statutes of limitations.” In a nutshell, these are limits to the amount time in which a plaintiff may file their case in court, after which, the claim cannot be brought. Continue reading


DIY Documents, Part 4: Powers of Attorney

The final post in my DIY documents series is on powers of attorney for healthcare. Although a number of documents are available online for low cost and possibly for free, the State of Illinois actually provides these documents in the statutory law itself, in the Illinois Power of Attorney Act. Continue reading