Powers of attorney as insurance

I find that there are quite a few people I’ve talked to recently who say they’d like a power of attorney someday, but think that they are too young to bother with that now.

The question I would like to explore then is this: how old does one need to be to have valid power of attorney documents? 

I’ve posted two pictures; see if you can guess the answer.

4052821065_a5d89ce84c_z PNS_2707

The answer is this: a) you are never too old, and b) you are never too young (once you hit 18). I’m not trying to sound scary by saying this, but the time when people need these documents always comes unannounced, and could come an hour from now just as easily as in fifty years.

Why wait until that time comes as a surprise (as it always does)?  The reality is that these estate planning documents are inexpensive, can be done somewhat quickly, and guarantee that the people you trust will be empowered to take care of everything you own, invest, operate, maintain, etc., in addition to making the right decision for your health care.

Now, I’ve already posted some blogs about this topic already, real and fictional, highlighting the pitfalls that can occur when there is no estate plan and a decision must be made. These very common problems are all avoidable with the right documents prepared in advance.

If you don’t have these documents already, they are quick for me to set them up and make them valid. Just give me a call or an email and I can look at your specific situation to make sure you have everything in place for your estate plan now…and not “someday.”

DISCLAIMER: Please do not use links to prepare your own forms without consulting an attorney first to see if these are appropriate for your situation. I make no representations or guarantees as to the applicability of these forms to your situation. This blog is ADVERTISING MATERIAL only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice, especially if you are not an Illinois resident. Please contact me if you have a legal question or concern, as no attorney-client agreement will exist between myself and any readers of this blog unless it is signed in writing.



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