Convictions with immigration consequences

Photo by LosAnheles (CC license)

Photo by LosAnheles (CC license)

People who are not U.S. citizens and are in trouble with criminal cases need to be very careful when dealing with the system.

Whether such an accused should plea guilty or not should always involve an analysis as to how this affects immigration consequences. This is because immigration law is very complicated on this subject; a single crime of a certain type will not cause the same effect on everyone. Continue reading


Step-parent adoptions

Father and son (used under GNU license)

Father and son (image used under GNU license from Wikipedia)

A popular scene in film dramas (and the occasional comedy) is where one parent might say to an ex-spouse “[New spouse] is going to adopt our child, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” And then there is a set of events that occur to stop the court deadline and restore friendly relations for everyone.

But in real life, family law cases are usually not that simple, and far too often, friendly relations are long gone. Continue reading

Unbundled services

Attorney and Client, Fortitude and Impatience (Image is in public domain)

Attorney and Client, Fortitude and Impatience (public domain)

The Illinois Supreme Court recently made some changes that allow lawyers to offer an a-la-carte menu of legal services, otherwise known as “limited representation” or “unbundled services.” Continue reading

IL drivers face higher penalties for a DUI in WI

Photo by Elvert Barnes, used under CC attribution license

Photo by Elvert Barnes, used under terms of CC attribution license

Did you know that a first offense DUI in Wisconsin almost always means losing your license in Illinois? Because there are two separate legal systems involved, it can be much worse for an Illinois driver to get a DUI in Wisconsin, than for Wisconsin residents driving in Wisconsin, or for Illinois residents driving in Illinois.

Continue reading