IL drivers face higher penalties for a DUI in WI

Photo by Elvert Barnes, used under CC attribution license

Photo by Elvert Barnes, used under terms of CC attribution license

Did you know that a first offense DUI in Wisconsin almost always means losing your license in Illinois? Because there are two separate legal systems involved, it can be much worse for an Illinois driver to get a DUI in Wisconsin, than for Wisconsin residents driving in Wisconsin, or for Illinois residents driving in Illinois.

This is because in Illinois, the penalties for a conviction are more severe, but the ability to plea bargain down to a lesser offense on the first instance is greater. But in Wisconsin, there is little plea bargaining in DUI cases, and these often lead to a conviction. That conviction is reported to Illinois, and recorded as if it happened here, even though the penalty structure is different. This can have consequences to individuals with any previous offenses, as well as serious immigration consequences.

The best preventative advice in this situation to all potential clients is not to drink and drive. However, sometimes good people make mistakes, especially when on vacation in another state.

If you get charged with a DUI in Wisconsin, feel free to give my office a call. Because I am licensed only in Illinois, I cannot represent clients in Wisconsin courts. However, my office teams up with a few select criminal defense attorneys in Wisconsin who can work on the court case, coordinating with my office while I work on getting clients an Illinois RDP worker’s license.

If this is your situation, feel free to contact my office to speak to an attorney about how to proceed.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not prepare your own documents / filings after reading this blog, without consulting an attorney first about your specific situation. I make no representations or guarantees here as to the applicability of any claim in your specific situation. This blog is ADVERTISING MATERIAL only, and should not be relied upon as legal advice, especially if you are not an Illinois resident. Please contact me if you have a legal question or concern, as no attorney-client agreement will exist between myself and any readers of this blog unless it is signed in writing.


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