On Casey Kasem, and avoiding massive probate battles


On the radio yesterday, I heard the morning hosts discussing the deceased American Top 40 host Casey Kasem, and how his kids are trying to get a death certificate to go after the life insurance money coming to them. In response, one of the hosts commented “That’s awful!” But I argued back (into the radio speaker), “Hey, if Kasem’s kids were my clients, I might have advised them to do just that!” Kasem’s kids have been in legal battles with his spouse for the last year or more, and unfortunately, probate battles almost never go smoothly, and can happen in any family, not just with celebrities. Continue reading


Common questions for startups / entrepreneurs


As a small business owner, I often converse with other professionals who are looking to take the leap of faith and start their own business. Many entrepreneurs are hoping to turn their long-held dreams into a reality, but my job usually involves trying to convince them to take a few parachutes with first. Continue reading

3 ways to put the “civil” in civil litigation


Something I’ve always found easy is keeping calm about going to court. My clients, on the other hand, are often a ball of nervousness when it comes to even thinking about it. But for me, staying calm isn’t about education or experience; there are plenty of attorneys who cringe at the idea of court – and probably some judges, too! It’s more about staying focused and remembering a few key principles. Continue reading